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In 1982 I began my studies to become a Psychiatric nurse. In 1984 I graduated and began my career as a registered Psychiatric nurse, a career that I have loved for the past 32 years.

I am a Canadian citizen, born and raised in Canada. Immigration became personal to me nine years ago when I made my first application to sponsor someone under family class. It was a long and difficult process and since I was determined and never gave up, the procedure ended by being successful.

Since I have personally experienced the highs and lows of this process, I make it my personal mission to never give up. I experience the same disappointments my clients do and also the same thrills as they do. We all prefer the thrills and happiness, therefore I am committed to achieve these with you.

I keep in contact with clients after they arrive in Canada. This process unites all of us like a family.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

Janet Eberle